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Nature: wild & untouched. Photographing it, preserving it, taking walks and drinking in the landscapes as they unfold.

Gardens: touched by loving hands. Cultivated, nurtured. Drinking in those landscapes is wonderful, as well.

In my garden one enjoys some of both. Generally unpruned & wild, my plants reshape the garden as they grow.

Beyond the garden borders, natives from the Santa Monica Mtns await. Oak trees with their shady canopies. Cactus & Sage in the sun.

Always there are animal creatures to join in the fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you as they unfold.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Washer Woman & the Rattler Snake

    Young Southern Pacific Rattlesnake,  photo courtesy 
    of Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

Well, it figures. Just as I was bounding out the door to throw a load of delicates into my outdoor washing machine, I happen to look down. There, looking up at me from the other side of the glass door was Rattler! With his tongue out all slitherin-like!  He was looking into the house, and the door was just slightly ajar, enough so that he could slither right in if he liked. My guess is he was thinking about it!

It's funny, most Rattlers are more brown, whereas this one was black, but still the unmistakable diamond markings.  I did what any Washer Woman would do:  I got hubby and handed him a broom!  He started to sweep it on out of there, which caused Rattler to start up hissing loudly. (If you ever hear a sound like water running, when there is water nowhere about, it's Rattler.)  Of course, he was as scared as I was.  Hubby held him off while I got the delicates going.  We shooed him down the hill, but who knows when he will come back.  We saw this same Rattler just the other day, in a standoff with Cat!

As if Washer Woman hasn't got her work cut out already.. I really did want to get you a photo, really..


  1. you watch out for those dark black rattle snakes they seem to be more aggressive...and from what they were saying about them in So Cal a few years back their venom is a bit more toxic Dad seemed to feel they are a cross breed of some kind??? I'll try and find a picture of one that was sunning it's self in the gravel turn around at my barn. I opened the door to my truck and almost stepped on it...Big bad boy!

  2. It's heart-stopping when you get surprised by incidents like this. My hubby did a little skunk dance before scooting inside again after an early morning exit from the house. You know how they show in cartoons when your feet go round in a circle? That was him.

    So far no close calls for me with anything dangerous... I don't know why I think it won't happen though. I just figure that they hear me and slither away. Nice living in my own 'dream world'

    Nice photo,.. and courageous to take it atall, Kathy! Yipes!

  3. Thanks to you both for stopping by and leaving comments. I appreciate it :-) I can't take credit for bravery though, as I didn't take that photo. I got it from the Santa Monica Mountains Recreation (facebook); Ranger Mike said okay to use :-) It was heart-stopping enough just to see him looking in the door at me! Hoping he never makes it into the laundry basket..


Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns