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Nature: wild & untouched. Photographing it, preserving it, taking walks and drinking in the landscapes as they unfold.

Gardens: touched by loving hands. Cultivated, nurtured. Drinking in those landscapes is wonderful, as well.

In my garden one enjoys some of both. Generally unpruned & wild, my plants reshape the garden as they grow.

Beyond the garden borders, natives from the Santa Monica Mtns await. Oak trees with their shady canopies. Cactus & Sage in the sun.

Always there are animal creatures to join in the fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you as they unfold.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

My Travels on the Central California Coast~ San Simeon

                          Beach House in the Fog, Big Sur, CA, Photo by Kathy Vilim

Yes, it's true, I have been travelling through California for some months now. I have been sharing my travels with my friends at www.beautifulwildlifegarden.com, sometimes to the neglect of my own blog and you my readers.  Last week I wrote about my wildlife encounters in San Simeon.

I have been following US Route 1 north from Malibu, and taking my time. I am enjoying being able to get to know the towns I visit and not simply rushing off to the next destination.  I am something of a Gypsy Gardener at this point, getting my hands dirty when & where I can!

I want to share some recent photos with you:
                                Kayak Tours on Hearst Beach, San Simeon, CA

The Hearst Castle is a popular destination on the Central Coast, sitting like the castle it is on a hill way up high.  Less visited is the beach & pier, constructed by Hearst, where his famous friends would enjoy beach parties by night or by day.

Once the fog clears, you can see the coastline at Hearst Beach is pretty stunning!

Across from the Hearst Beach is this historic one-room schoolhouse set in a quiet meadow of spring blooming wildflowers, where a horse is happily grazing.

More to share, more to follow!  Happy Spring to you~

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns