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Nature: wild & untouched. Photographing it, preserving it, taking walks and drinking in the landscapes as they unfold.

Gardens: touched by loving hands. Cultivated, nurtured. Drinking in those landscapes is wonderful, as well.

In my garden one enjoys some of both. Generally unpruned & wild, my plants reshape the garden as they grow.

Beyond the garden borders, natives from the Santa Monica Mtns await. Oak trees with their shady canopies. Cactus & Sage in the sun.

Always there are animal creatures to join in the fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you as they unfold.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

In the News: Daylight Savings Inventor Was an Entomologist

Did you know the man who invented Daylight Savings was Entomologist? He was frustrated when dusk came and "interfered with his evening bug-collecting rounds." He wanted to have more daylight in the summer afternoons to catch bugs! He didn't care about winter because he didn't catch bugs then anyway! 

(Excerpt from Joe Satran, Huffington Post) There's now broad agreement among historians that the true mastermind of daylight saving time was George Vernon Hudson (1867-1946), a specialist in insect biology (entomology) who left England for New Zealand in 1881. In 1895, when he first presented the idea to the Royal Society of New Zealand, he was mocked. Other members of the society deemed the proposal confusing and unnecessary. But attitudes changed, and he lived to see his brainchild adopted by many nations -- including, in 1927, his own. Read more... 


  1. Very interesting article. I always thought they changed the time to coincide with growing and harvesting seasons.

    1. I know, I did too. I think governments had different reasons to tell folks why the time change was needed, and farming was one of those reasons. Thanks for stopping by!


Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns