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Nature: wild & untouched. Photographing it, preserving it, taking walks and drinking in the landscapes as they unfold.

Gardens: touched by loving hands. Cultivated, nurtured. Drinking in those landscapes is wonderful, as well.

In my garden one enjoys some of both. Generally unpruned & wild, my plants reshape the garden as they grow.

Beyond the garden borders, natives from the Santa Monica Mtns await. Oak trees with their shady canopies. Cactus & Sage in the sun.

Always there are animal creatures to join in the fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you as they unfold.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Did the squirrel know it was going to rain?

Ah, Autumn in Southern California: Golden leaves, blue skies. I watched leaves fly from the walnut trees.. twirling in a long dance before finally ending up on the deck below me. A spectacular Thursday afternoon.

Thinking back on that Thursday, the squirrels had been acting up, chasing each other up and down tree branches, barking excitedly at each other. They even threw a giant hard green pine cone down at the house, which landed with a thud too close to my window. Did they know it was going to rain?  Did they know way before we did?  Were they happily awaiting the change in the weather, all smug because they were prepared?

 Bodhi, the Garden Peacock, did something different on Thursday too. I saw him up on the hillside, thick with pine needles beneath a pine tree. Not his usual tree. What was he doing there?  Was he planning for a drier spot because he knew the rain was coming?

It rained all night last night and this morning. The yellow walnut leaves that had so delighted me on Thursday, were now flat & slick on the deck. Some of the leaves were plastered against the French patio doors, looking as if they were pressed under glass. I did not see Bodhi in his usual tree. Did he spend the night in a drier spot?  Still waiting for him to show up so I can ask him.

So, to my question: do animals smell the rain coming and make plans?  I think so!


  1. yes ,the squirrels know,my pet squirrel hsioa pon pon went cray the night of an earthquake. i could get her to settle downone minute before it strarted she came and hid under the blanket on my chest and poked her head out.i was saying to her ,whats wrong hsiao pon pon when the earthquake struck.so,they know ,we dont

  2. Roger, Do you have any pictures of your pet squirrel Hsioa pon pon?

  3. I am going to pay attention to our squirrels! Priscilla F Peahen went to live in the country in February, ~But, she wasn't any good in predicting weather. gail

  4. Sorry for the dlayed response, but who is Priscilla F Peahen? Is she a female peacock?!

  5. Animals can detect atmospheric changes before they occur. Kind of like someone with arthritis who feels a weather change in their bones.

  6. Very interesting! Thanks for your help, TC.

  7. I think so, too! I know crickets in the summer chirp at certain frequencies depending on the temp. It's fascinating.
    I saw your FB page and will 'friend'you. I love CA native plants and have just started blogging about my garden this year.

  8. Thank you for adding your comment, sierra. I am glad you found me and will look for you on FB. CA native plants are so interesting. Have fun garden blogging!

  9. Love the picture! I found you via twitter and look forward to following your blog. Feel free to check mine out too!



Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns