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Nature: wild & untouched. Photographing it, preserving it, taking walks and drinking in the landscapes as they unfold.

Gardens: touched by loving hands. Cultivated, nurtured. Drinking in those landscapes is wonderful, as well.

In my garden one enjoys some of both. Generally unpruned & wild, my plants reshape the garden as they grow.

Beyond the garden borders, natives from the Santa Monica Mtns await. Oak trees with their shady canopies. Cactus & Sage in the sun.

Always there are animal creatures to join in the fun.

I look forward to sharing some of my experiences with you as they unfold.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Speak for the Trees

I am a Eucalyptus Tree. I am not Native to So California; I am from Australia. I have been living here for 50 years. Long ago, loving hands planted me here.

I have been a Windbreak, keeping cold winter winds from their House. I have been Shade, keeping the Summer's Heat from their House. I have been Home & Refuge for countless birds and squirrels.

But now, this year, THEY say I must go! THEY want to cut me down with a chainsaw because .. I am not Native. "Rid us of these invasive species," THEY say. They care not for all I have done for them. I cannot run, as I have no legs.

They hear not my VOICE as I try to tell them, "I AM alive! I feel! I have done no harm!" For they cannot hear me. "Speak for the TREES, as they have no tongues..."(Dr. Seuss)


  1. That's beautiful,Kathy. Thanks for speaking up for the trees!

  2. Beautiful post. I am a native gardener myself but do not find it necessary to remove established, non-invasive trees. This tree does not grow here so I am not sure if it is invasive in your area, but if it's not a horror show such as Princess tree, let it live.


Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns

Wildflowers, Santa Monica Mtns